Soft Tissue Surgery

Urogenital, digestive, thoracic and oncological surgery. More advanced surgical techniques such as bypass or portal-systemic shunt, ductus arteriosus.

Minimally invasive surgery: Laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, interventional cystoscopy.

Oophorectomies can be performed by conventional surgery or by laparoscopy. Gastropexies to avoid stomach twisting can be performed by minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopy) shortening the anaesthesia time and the patient's recovery time.

AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital has two operating theatres equipped with inhalation anaesthesia equipment with assisted ventilation in each of them. Both operating theatres have advanced monitors with oscillometric and direct blood pressure meters, apnoea alarm, capnography, pulse oximetry and ECG to allow safe anaesthesia. There are also four additional inhalation anaesthesia stations for the two pre-operative rooms, in the ICU and in the CT room. Two autoclaves, a dry heat steriliser and an ethylene oxide steriliser for sterilisation of surgical material.

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