Rehabilitation and physiotherapy

  • AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital has its own physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre, where we can provide:
  • Electro-stimulation, hydrotherapy, massages, etc. These allow us to accelerate the recovery of patients who have undergone surgery for injuries to the locomotor or neurological apparatus.
  • Patients with arthritis, post-operative orthopaedic surgery, paresis and paralysis need physiotherapy.
  • Osteoarthrosis, or osteoarthritis according to Anglo-Saxon terminology, is a chronic, degenerative joint disease, which causes pain, lameness and stiffness of the affected joints. These problems are aggravated by being overweight. It is important to maintain an ideal weight and to take moderate, supervised exercise. Gentle walks are more suitable than sporting activities. Swimming is a very popular method for people, but is not always possible for our pets. A special pool with an underwater treadmill is required.
  • Acupuncture service: Within the physiotherapy and rehabilitation services of our centre, we have Acupuncture services. This consists of inserting needles in specific and concrete points of the animal's body (acupuncture points) to achieve the beneficial effects of this technique. 
  • Electrostimulation: Our rehabilitation centre also offers electrostimulation services. It is a very useful tool to strengthen the muscles of an animal that has suffered an injury or surgery and as a result suffers muscle atrophy. The intention of electrostimulation is to generate electrical impulses that increase strength and muscle mass. 
  • Strength platform: Diagnosis of lameness in dogs and cats is sometimes very complicated. Visual gait analysis can only observe the movement of the gait cycle, but not the distribution of force or weight. This means that subtle asymmetries can easily be missed. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to use the force platform. It identifies each limb and assesses pressure and force, identifies pressure profiles between limbs and changes in the centre of force due to limping.
  • Shockwaves: Shockwaves are acoustic waves that carry a lot of energy to painful points and musculoskeletal tissues. This energy promotes regeneration and repair processes in tendons, muscles and other soft tissues. It is mainly used for chronic tendinitis and osteoarthritis.

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