At AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital we have an ophthalmology service. 
Types of Eye Surgery: 
Eyelid surgery:
  • Entropion, ectropion, dystrophiasis, eyelid tumours, etc. 
  • Third eyelid surgery. 
  • Correction of dislocation, cartilage or cysts. 
  • Surgery of the lacrimal apparatus 
  • Corneal surgery 
  • Keratectomies, corneal transplants, ulcer repair, etc. 
  • Iris surgery 
  • staphyloma, cysts, iris bombé 
  • Lens surgery 
  • Cataract treatment, phacoemulsification 
  • Vitreous surgery 
  • Vitrectomies 
  • Glaucoma surgery

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