Information for owners

Dear client,

Your vet has referred your pet to AniCura Bahía de Málaga Referencia Veterinaria for specialist treatment.

The centre works on a referral basis and by appointment only. Your vet should be able to arrange an appointment for your pet at your convenience and should arrange for your pet’s clinical records and radiographs to be forwarded to us prior to your visit. You may be asked by your vet to bring the clinical records at the time of the initial consultation instead.

Your pet should have no food for 12 hours prior to your visit as we may need to administer a sedative or a general anaesthetic. Free access to water should be allowed at all times.

The centre is conveniently located in the outskirts of Málaga, with easy access and only approximately 5 km from the motorway A-7. You should be able to find adequate directions in the section “How to get here” but do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.

There is adequate parking by the main entrance so you and your pet won’t have to travel far. If the parking loti s full there are additional parking áreas whithin 200 metres. If you need assistance with your pet please contact reception on arrival.

We will strive to resolve any questions and anxieties you may have regarding your pet’s condition at the time of the initial consultation, including proposed treatment, prognosis, postoperative care…

Payment for any treatment will be in advance after the initial consultation. Your vet should have given you an initial estimate of costs prior to your visit. This estimate will be finalised after the initial consultation. We accept payment by debit and credit card or cash (limited by low to a maximun of 999€).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance (0034) 952426974


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