Minimally invasive surgery

As in human medicine minimally invasive surgery is becoming one of the most important specialties in veterinary medicine. It’s use has significantly grown in the last years as the advantages over conventional surgery are many: quicker postoperative recovery, less postoperative pain and less risk of infection and surgical incision issues. At AniCura Glòries Hospital Veterinari we offer the best care to our patients therefore we focus on minimally invasive surgery. 

This type of surgery involves inserting a camera into a body cavity though one small access point and the necessary instruments to perform the surgery from another. All displayed through a HD monitor located in the operating room. 

There are many surgeries that can benefit from this technique: 

  • Laparoscopy (abdominal surgery): ovariectomy, biopsies (liver, intestine, tumours and others) and laparoscopy guided procedures (gastropexias / colopexias, abdominal exploration). 
  • Thoracoscopy (thoracic surgery). 
  • Arthroscopy (joint surgery). 

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